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DOUCE FRANCE LONDON is offering french holiday camps, french private tutoring, and improvisation classes for teenagers.

The name Douce France London is inspired by the song of the famous French singer Charles Trenet. The singer recalls his childhood memories. It is by going back to my childhood memories that the desire to create a convivial family company was born. Pleasant and happy memories from our childhood, nourish and comfort us. They bring back past emotions that we rediscover in our present lives. Colours, sounds and flavours also bring back sweet memories.

My own memory takes me back to the games in the schoolyard, the books I loved to devour, the imaginary stories that transported me to fantastic worlds.

“Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance, bercée de tendre insouciance, je t’ai gardée dans mon cœur.”
Charles Trenet
Charles Trenet
French Singer-Songwriter

Today, we want to create a place that is open after school and during the school holidays to offer fun activities and French classes to play, learn and grow… together.

Thanks to a a team of qualified and experienced professionals able to adapt to the needs and rhythm of each child, the children and teenagers of Douce France London will explore and discover a range of cultural, creative and sport activities.

Douce France London also aims to help children and teenagers learn to live together, communicate, listen and respect each other through cooperative and collective games. These games allow children and teenagers to develop their individuality while growing in a group.

“Play is the child's job, it is his job, it is his life.”
Pauline Kergomard
Pauline Kergomard
French Educator

Play is defined as a physical or mental activity whose essential purpose is the pleasure it brings. The role of play is important because it enables the acquisition of skills. Play allows young people to develop intellectually, socially, sensorially and motorically, and it encourages language. This is why Douce France London puts play at the centre of its educational project.

“Logic will take you from point A to point B. Imagination will get you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Theoretical Physicist

Alongside play, imagination has an essential role in the development of young people. It is through imagination that we can create, dream and invent. Imagination allows evolution, innovation and the creation of a better future. At Douce France London, we use imaginary stories in our activities to stimulate children’s creativity.

Douce France London’s signature lies in our focus on these creative aspects and the acquisition of knowledge through play and imagination. We therefore offer a range of different activities as part of an educational project that complements that of the schools.

Jennifer Semar, co-founder of Douce France London

Our camp's 10 commitments to you

  1. To welcome your child into the framework of our activities (French activities, theatre, sports, art…)

  2. To respect the natural rhythm and development of your child according to their abilities

  3. To provide a reassuring, safe and caring environment and atmosphere

  4. To accompany your child in their learning process

  5. Enabling your child to develop their social skills and community life

  6. To help your child develop their creativity through manual, cultural, artistic and sporting activities

  7. Encourage your child to value their own learning

  8. Work as a team with experienced and trained professionals who are able to respond to the specifics of each child

  9. To allow the child to blossom and develop to their highest potential

  10. To create a relationship of trust with all families
Douce France London Kids