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Learning French Made fun for your team

French Classes

Our experience has shown us that if learning is fun, it will be more effective! Your team will be more likely to become proficient in French and be able to use this second language confidently in a business environment.

The ability of the tutor to create an entertaining environment is crucial to the success of the learners.

That is why DOUCE FRANCE LONDON is helping you in finding the right tutor who will help you reach your training goals as well as making those classes something that the learners will look forward to. 

We offer french classes :

  • in-person at your office or online,
  • one-on-one or group classes

Our carefully selected tutors are qualified and experienced teachers who will support your teams in the learning of French.

We set up objectives and make sure to report on progress, successes and areas of improvement. 

We can also help your team prepare the french official diploma DELF to prove their level in french and help them move forward in their careers.


French Club


Whether you are working with French clients or a French team you want to be able to have casual conversations in French at the coffee machine or at the pub after a long day at work.

A language is a gateway to a culture. Learning a language also means learning about the people in their daily life !

The French Club is a friendly and informal way for learners with an intermediate or advanced level to discuss about french culture, news, films, books, expressions and much more !

Our French tutors will help the learners make progress and gain confidence while having a great time.

Our rates (classes and clubs)

At your office £80/hour £120/hour £160/hour £200/hour
Online £60/hour £100/hour £130/hour £160/hour

*For any specific requests for your company, please contact us with some details and we will tailor an offer according to your needs.

“More than a simple lesson, we want each class to become an opportunity for the student to learn in a stimulating and fun environment in which they can express their full potential confidently.”
Jennifer Semar
Founder of Douce France London