Improv For Teens

We believe in learning through play and imagination

Improvising with Us

Our improvisation theatre classes are open to teenagers from 11 to 14 years old with or without acting experience. Classes are taught in french and require a good enough command of the french language.

Classes are built around improvisation games to get used to the basics of spontaneous acting, and then guided improvisations to create scenes together, sometimes funny, sometimes absurd, sometimes extravagant… and always unique.

During the year, students will learn to trust themselves and the group, express their creativity, develop their imagination, refine their listening skills, use their spontaneity and emotions to create authentic and colourful scenes, and develop their physical and vocal techniques for greater ease on stage.

Classes are run in a caring and stimulating environment where each student is respected and creativity is encouraged.

Improvisational theatre is a powerful tool that allows teenagers to gain confidence in public speaking and to manage the unexpected in everyday life and at school.

Minimum enrolment per term, with or without previous acting experience

“Theatrical improvisation is exactly like life. But funnier!”
David Meslet
Improv teacher and Co-Founder of Douce France London

Every wednesday (except holidays)

5.30 to 7pm

Pick up from Lycée Charles de Gaulle at 5pm.

From 11 to 14 years old

6ème to 3ème / Year 7 to Year 10

£225 / term

10% Sibling Discount​

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